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دلوی، مهربان او بخښونکي خدای پاک په نامه      د ارواښاد ډاکتر کبير ستوري انټرنيټي ديری ته هرکله راشۍ

Great nations of the world have great names to relish and the Pashtoon nation has one such name of Dr. Kabir Stori (spelled as Kabeer Storai, Storay, Storae, Storey, Stooray). He was a great poet, intellectual, writer, researcher, thinker and a person whose love for his nation knew no bounds. He was a man of principals and values.
A rhyme of Dr. Kabir Stori translated by Dr. Hatef Mokhtar in English says,

If you come to Stori’s grave sometime, pray for me in Pashto, because I am a lover of Pashto

This verse of Dr. Stori clearly demonstrates his love and passion for his nation, culture and language. A true lover of Pashto, all his literature proves that he was an excellent poet and writer in the Pashtoon region who proved his metal through his outstanding poetry. Dr Kabir Storay not only discovered the depths of poetic beauty and the heights of Pashto literature but he also had a political vision and that was the national integration of Pashtoons.
Dr. Kabir Stori was born on 06-04-1942 in Kunar/Pashtoonkhwa (Afghanistan). The name of his father was Lal Mohammad Khan. A Pashtoon by cast, Dr. Stori belonged to Mirdad Khel a sub-tribe of Yousafzai tribe. He obtained his basic education from an elementary school in Khas Kunar and later on from the Rehman Baba Lycee (High School) in Kabul. During his school days he was an outstanding student who left an indelible impression upon his teachers and fellow students who predicted him to be a successful professional. He later moved to Germany and studied Psychology with Political science, sociology and philosophy from the universities of Frankfurt, Cologne and Marburg in Germany. He got his doctorate in natural sciences known as Diplom Psychologist (Dr.rer.nat).
Dr. Stori started studying various forms of socialism since 1968. From the very early age, Dr. Stori´s love for his nation and culture was known to all who knew him. He was chairman of the Afghan Students Association, and further more, he was deeply involved in contacts with the student movement SDS and a study of critical theory of the society of the Frankfurter School. During these days, he believed that Pashtoonwali (a traditional socio-political system governing the lives of the Pashtoons) and democratic norms are not contradicting to each other but in fact they are almost the same because Pashtoon code of conduct is based on values and democratic concerns.
The concept pashtoonwali also corresponded to the thinking of internationally renown leader Bacha Khan (Fakher – e – Afghan, Pride of Afghans), who impressed upon him and influenced his thoughts. Dr.Stori was a follower of the non-violent philosophy of Bacha Khan for national unity, independence and the well-being of the Pashtoon Nation.
Dr. Stori was a member of "International Association of Applied Psychology“. In 1973 he started to work for the Voice of Germany (Deutsche Welle) as an announcer, translator and editor in the Pashto Service. This also provided a great opportunity for Stori to be his national language ambassador and he worked untiringly for his language through media.

Dr. Kabir Stori was joint founder of Pashtoon Social Democratic Party (PSDP-1981) and was the first elected chairman of PSDP. In the world of poetry and literature he represented the progressive school of thought of Ajmal Khattak who is a father of Pashto literature. In 1983 Dr. Kabir Stori was arrested in Pakistan by the dictatorial regime of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq while visiting his family in Peshawar. Dr. Stori spent one and half years in different prisons of Peshawar because of his Political ideals of supporting the Pashtoon cause.
Dr. Kabir Stori the renowned Pashto scholar and poet suffered a fatal heart attack and died on 4 April 2006 in Germany. He was laid to rest in his native graveyard in Khas Kunar.

He was Co-founder and Chairman of the following Organizations:
1965: De Afghani Mahseleeno Tolana (Afghan Students Association) in Frankfurt/a.M., first of its Kind in Europe
1972: General Union of Afghan Student
1976: National Liberation Union of Pashtoons and Baluchs in Frankfurt/ a.M

He was Co-founder of the following Organizations:
1985: De Pakhtano Kulturi Tolana - Cologne - Germany (Pakhtoons Culuteral Association)
1993: Pakhtoon Kor, Bonn - Germany
1998: De Pakhtoonkhwa De Pohane Dera (The Pakhtoonkhwa Home of Science, Peshawar - Pakhtoonkhwa
2003: Pakhto Adabi Hunari Tolana, Kunar - Afghanistan

He worked as a member of the Editorial Board of the magazines
1972: “Sparghai” monthly, an Organ of the “General Union of Afghan Students”
1976: “Olas Ghag” monthly, Organ of the “National Liberation Union of Pashtoons and Baluchs”
1978: “Peer Rokhan” monthly, Published in Germany
1985: “Lamba” monthly, published in Germany
1986: “Da Khybar Wagma” monthly, Published in Germany
1986: “Pashtoonkhwa” timely

Some important books of Dr. Kabeer Storai:

1. Skarwatta (Embers): An Anthology of Poems, published together with another Afghan Poet, published in 1976 Germany

2. Pakhtoonkhwa: A collection of essays including essays from other writers also, published in 1977 Germany

3. Entwicklung eines Kulturfairen Intelligenz – Tests: Development of a Culturefair Intelligence Test published in 1985 Germany in German Language

4. Wira: Fear - Theories, measurement and therapy of fear, published in 1985 and 1990 Germany and in 2001 Peshawar

5. De Wire Tala: Psychology, published in 1992 in Germany

6. Zwandi Khyaloona: Alive Thoughts - poems, published in 1997 in Peshawar/Pashtoonkhwa

7. De Qalam Tora: Sword of the Pen - poems, published in 1999 Peshawar /Pashtoonkhwa

8. De Hokhyartia Tala: Intelligence Test, published in 2000 Peshawar/Pashtoonkhwa

9. Zabsapohana: Language Psychology, published in 2000 Peshawar / Pashtoonkhwa

10. Sandareez Paigham: Message by the songs - poems, published in 2002 Peshawar / Pashtoonkhwa

11. De Hokhyartia Kulturi Be Palawa Tala: Culturefair Intelligence Test (C-I-T)- published in three languages (Pashto, English and German) in 2004 Peshawar / Pashtoonkhwa

12. De Pedaikhti Banno De Hokhyartia Tala: Nature Forms Intelligence Test (N-I-T), published in three languages (Pashto, English and German) in 2004 Peshawar /Pashtoonkhwa

13. Khwagi Misrai: Sweetest Verses - poems, published in 2006 Peshawar / Pakhtoonkhwa

14. Khob Mana: Dream Interpretation - Psychology, will be published soon

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